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CES 2012 Portable Sound Labs Exclusive Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! I am running Windows 7 32 bit. I recently received an Arctic Sound p311 Headset for Christmas. This headset has a blue tooth capability which I attempted to use to connect it to my PC.

While my PC detects the headset, when it comes time to install the drivers for this headset Windows gives me an error 28 aka Windows was unable to download the drivers. I went to the manufacturer website but was unable to find any drivers for this headset. I’ve searched a few others places but have had no luck so far.

I did not receive a CD with the headset, however I did receive a response from the manufacturer which suggested that I try to update my Bluetooth software. Actually I was downloading something from Windows Update which was Bluetooth update related when my USB ports decided to stop working. Oddly the mouse receives power but doesn’t interact with Windows. Assuming I get that fixed, I shall give it a try. Or I could just use a mouse that does not use a USB port.

But back to the matter at hand. It is funny, I came upon that same link when I was trying to make sense of the situation. My device will show up in the list of Bluetooth devices in the Windows Bluetooth Taskbar thingy but will not show up under sound. Apparently this process with the headset works well for most people, hopefully the update that I will eventually install will help resolve it.

HI, i noticed alot of people with this issue while i was looking for a fix to my issue ( sounds are chopped up and delayed if any at all when set as audio , but skype calls work just fine) any ways . once you have installed the bluetooth drivers you need to go to the “Show bluetooth devices” from the bluetooth icon in your system tray . then right click the p311 and choose popsolrepublic.com “connect as audio device” from advanced operations . or some thing like that . then it should show up as a speaker and mic in your sound sol republic headphones manager . hope that helps . . also if you enter pairing mode be for you make it connect as audio device it will work every time . had a little issue making it work with out being in pairing mode first. to get to pairing mode you have to have it off then hold the on button until both the blue and red lights blink together. also you can choose advanced operations and click “connect to operations window” you can do the above connecting thing from there

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